Maradona Wants Napoli to Win the Scudetto

Last time Napoli won the league title of Italy’s Serie A was when Maradona plied his trade for them.

This season, it seems they have the best chance to win it once more. They will face Juventus in what many see a defining moment in their title race.

Maradona is cheering for Napoli and wants them to win, even if that means his achievements will never be unique anymore.

He also hosted Pepe Reina’s family at his house in Dubai, UAE and was filmed singing for the glory of Napoli.




I would love to see Napoli wining Serie A, for a change. I would love to see Juventus finishing second or less. It is always good news to see a happy Maradona.

But here is the one concern that will give you second thoughts:

Do you really want to see Gonzalo Higuain winning an impossible title? Do you want him to be remembered as a legend? Do you actually want his goals to be the reason why Napoli’s dream is more achievable?


Bayern’s Behind the Factory of Chairs

A football banter? A media stunt? A joke?

Well, whatever it was meant to be, the video posted by Bayern Munich’s official Facebook page, addressing the Arab fans, is a major fail.

The video refers to a “viral” banter, and an old incident, and many cultural things. However, it should not have been used by the club or the players.

Maybe, just maybe, someone should have actually sat down with the decision making people at the German club, and explained what “Behind the Factory of Chairs” is.



England to Make Semi-Finals of Russia 2018

This is not a hoax. England will make it to the quarter-finals, and more probably to the semi-finals of Russia 2018.

The one factor or condition to see that happening is Guardiola joining the Premier League for the 2016-2017 season, whether he does with Manchester City or any other team.

The likelihood of both events is high and it would be great to finally see the England achievement of Italy 1990 .

England’s Enhancement is Guardiola’s Achievement [photo:]

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